TLC Podcast #8: The Body QuestionListen now | Having spent the week responding to a prompt—What does it mean to be alive?—Rachel and the Bundle writers spend their final hour of the year sharing their answers, as well as their thoughts on feeling enthusiasm and affection in and for our work and learning. Who is…
TLC Podcast #7: Coming Into LanguageListen now | After talking through questions of editorship and Rachel, Dan, Nathan and Adam turn their attention to the week’s reading: Helen Keller’s …
"a ringing sense of mortality underscores everything we write" -Maggie Nelson
Rachel Jepsen
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Rachel Jepsen
"I did not know that I was spelling a word or even that words existed."
Rachel Jepsen
TLC Podcast #6: The Omniscient WriterListen now | After a writing exercise where the panelists explored different career paths they might have followed, Dan, Adam, and Taylor talk through …
TLC Podcast #5: Writing As a Way of Being Part II, with Robert YagelskiListen now | Rachel and the writers (including new panelist Fadeke Adegbuyi!) welcome the author of Writing As a Way of Being himself, Robert P. Yagels…
I dwell in Possibility -Emily Dickinson
Rachel Jepsen
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